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On The Issues

On The Issues

“I envision a stronger New Mexico where freedom and family flourish.”



“Improving school choice for New Mexican families is essential.”

Parents should have access to educational options that work best for their children. Gregg will work hard to defend against attacks on school choice. He firmly supports homeschooling and charter schools, as well as restoring our state’s public school system. New Mexico’s adoption of Common Core was a mistake. Our children should be acquiring real skills instead of taking government-issued tests.



“We must have security in our communities. If not, we won’t have good schools, health or an economy.”

Gregg will be especially tough on crime to create a safer community for us all. We must keep drugs out of our community. He believes strongly in supporting our local police force and first responders. To keep people out of jail, we must teach respect for authority in our schools, and focus on creating strong New Mexican families. Prisons should integrate cutting-edge medical treatment into the criminal justice system to combat drug addiction.



“Creating jobs provides security for families and something for New Mexicans to take pride in. We have a moral duty to provide a better future for our children.”

Gregg firmly stands with working-class families to protect their hard-earned dollars from reckless government spending. Burdensome taxation and regulation slows down our economy and hurts small businesses. Entitlement welfare has crippled culture in New Mexico by failing to help families transition out of poverty. Quality education, hard work, and strong families are the answer. Gregg supports right-to-work.



“It's time to modernize the way we deliver healthcare, by lowering costs and expanding access.”

As a physician, Gregg understands the difficulties New Mexicans face with healthcare. Gregg wants to make healthcare better for everyone in New Mexico. Premiums and co-pays are going up and benefits are going down. He supports free market principles to increase competition and drive prices down. Healthcare plans should be owned by individuals, portable, and not tied to employers. Nobody should fear retirement solely because our healthcare systems our outdated.



“I believe in our Founders’ vision that we are one nation under God, and that government is not the author or source of our rights.”

It’s time to reduce the size of government, focusing on our major issues.

Gregg is 100% pro-life. Our tax dollars should never fund abortion.


2nd amendment

Responsible gun ownership starts with the family unit.

As a surgeon, I get to the root cause of problems. The root cause of violence in our society is the loss of the dignity of human life and lack of respect for authority, not guns.

Liberals often use tragedies to confiscate or regulate our firearms and demonize gun­ ownership. The Second Amendment is clear: your individual right to bear arms “shall not be infringed” upon by the government. I will fight for your freedom.